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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  June 17, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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together to say goodbye to a bright live dimmed too soon. a community is in shock after a dozen girls are pulled from the home of a man in bucks county. keep it here. your news straight ahead.
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happenings right now a horrifying situation in bucks county. police have discovered a dozen young girls with no record of their existence inside the home of a man they say was sexually assaulting at least one of them. the details are difficult to comprehend. good evening, i'm lucy noland. >> i'm chris o'connell. authorities in bucks county say some of the girls were given as payment to this man, leonardo dicaprio plan of feasterville. investigators say kaplan fathered two children with the victim. starting when is he was just 14 years old. she is now 18. neighbors obviously stunned by this news. fox 29's joanne pill will he ye following the disturbing
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developments from trevose tonight. joanne. >> reporter: that's right, chris. luce assorted story here tonight involving an amish family and bucks county man and what happened between them when that family allegedly gifted their oldest daughter to the man in an effort to try to save their family farm out in lancaster county. it sounds bizarre. it is. and tonight there are accusations and formal charges of statutory sexual assault and child endangerment. >> we all know each other. we watch out for each other. we would know. >> reporter: but it appears no one new. that in this cottage on old street road in trevose, 51-year-old leonardo dicaprio plan was living with 12 girls ages 18 to six months old. >> mr. kaplan admitted to fathering these two children with this 18-year-old girl. the children are three and six months now. putting the victim at 14 or 15 when the child was conceived.
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he confessed to that. police arrested kaplan after a surprise visit from bucks county child welfare officials. >> we believe that these children came from lancaster county to bucks county, um, with their parents and some kind of strange thing happened to mr. kaplan that they're staying in this house. >> reporter: sources say kaplan connected with a large amish family who were about to lose their farm. the parents allegedly offering their oldest daughter who was 14 at the time as a gift to kaplan. the other nine children and parents had been staying with kaplan when he fathered the two youngest children. >> as of right now we're working with authorities in lancaster county trying to -- we're going to have a person who is very familiar with amish culture help us interview these kids further to find out what was going on. >> you certainly can have his full senses to do something like this to all these girls. and their parents to give them up to a man like this for money. no. >> reporter: some neighbors
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called kaplan strange. others said they never saw the extended family outside very often. >> he's the father really. he's the father for the childr children. >> reporter: police still trying to sort out all of the details. all of those girls are in protective custody in buck county. kaplan and the amish parents are in jail. kaplan facing the most serious charges. tonight we're live in trevose, joanne pileggi fox 29 news. back to you, chris. >> joanne, thanks. on to your fox 29 weather authority now. beautiful night out there. let's take life at the ben franklin parkway. center city. you can probably turn off the air-conditioning. maybe open up the windows. chief meteorologist scott williams here with a look at what's on the radar for father's day weekend. hi scott. >> hi l chris. beautiful weather. high pressure in full control. so, yeah, open up the windows, let in some of that fresh air. all of the showers and storms well to our south, and take live
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look outside of our studios right now. beautiful weather. 67 the current temperature. we made it up to 84 degrees. dew points right now not that bad. in the upper 40s. so as we look at temperatures across the area, 65 millville. upper 50s already in atlantic city. we have 67 in pottstown. 60 right now in the pocono mountains. so for the overnight, mostly clear, dry, comfortable. mid 50s in the burbs. right around 60 degrees in philadelphia and what about your weekend preview? we're looking beautiful for father's day weekend. 84 degrees the high temperature in philadelphia tomorrow. 87 degrees by sunday. coming up we'll have your entire weekend forecast down the shore the pocono mountains and, yes, we are timing some 90-degree heat just in time for summer the seven day forecast is next. back to you. >> all right. that's a nice forecast, scott. you can always plan your weekend with the fox 29 app. get alerts sent right to your phone. even check the radar download it in the i tunes or google play
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stores. saying goodbye after a tragic loss hundreds lined up in burlington county to pay their respects to the family of christina grimmie. she was a former winner of the voice. >> and her life came to an brunt end over the week went police say someone shot her while she was signing autographs. >> fox 29's brat brad sattin live in medford new jersey tonight. brad, fans, community members, friends all remembering this young star tonight. >> reporter: yeah, lots of people here tonight, chris. learning not so much about a pop music star as we did tonight about a real person. by our guess upwards of 2500 people came through here. first through receiving line this afternoon, meeting the family and then a memorial service here that ended about 30 minutes ago. memorial began with christina grimmie herself doing what she did so well. ♪ >> reporter: followed by
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family and long-time friends her aunt who helped to home school christina as she pursued her dream of music career. >> she was excited for new experiences and her joy was contagious. >> reporter: childhood friends sharing those goofy moments christina and her friend lauren as kids creating their own baby language. >> christina and i created this variation of english language that consisted of making words counter as cute as possible. >> with her friend sarah christina shared something else. >> when we were in first grade, we both got lies. (laughter). >> laughs in between lots of tears christina facing god toast those who knew her. >> she would ask me to pray for her over is it stuff and i would and she began to feel like she could trust me. share struggles she was going through. >> reporter: her brother marcus was played for his her row we can tackling the club in that orlando club after he fire
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the shot. >> when the gunman came he was very quick, it happened so fast. her arms were open and she -- she saw jesus next. >> reporter: christina's parents bud and tina while not understanding why they had to lose their only daughter take something comfort in acknowled acknowledging it was god's plan. >> god planned is better than my plan. i know that for a fact. i can hardly plan dinner thing right. >> no you can't. >> no, i can't. >> let me tell you something. everybody here i'm overwhelmed by the support. >> reporter: christina was actually buried yesterday in a private ceremony. she was very active in this community as a result the majority of people at the service tonight at the memorial seemed to know her personally, but we also found there were some fans who came great distances to be here as well. chris? >> such a sad story.
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thanks, brad. prosecutors in bucks county have charged a would be thief and the man who authorities say opened fire on him. investigators say thursday morning, before i sean jones chased a man trying to break into his car that man identified as joshua dennis ended up crashing at pennsylvania and bridge streets in morrisville. that is when jones opened fire and shot dennis in the arm. now, both men are facing charges. prosecutors say jones did not need to use his gun. more families lay to rest victims pulse nightclub massacre new details are emerging about the killer. he teched his wife two hours into the attack asking if she had seen the news. the fbi is looking at just how much omar mateen's wife knew about the attack. sources also say his wife texted him on the night of the shooting asking where he was, and telling him that she loved him. as of yet she does not face any charges. we've also learned that weeks before the attack mateen tried to buy military grade body armor
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and 1,000 rounds of ammunition from gun shop. the shop refused to sell him anything and notified the fbi. authorities say the surveillance video was just too grainy to trace who he was. >> our intuition was correct, and it's just -- it's very sad that we had him that close. it was that close law enforcement could have got their hands on him. >> six survivors remain in critical condition at florida hospitals. families of the three of 49 people killed will lay them to rest tomorrow in orlando. the city has waived $1,500 plot fee. brand new tax on sugary drinks has a lot of philadelphians up in arms. >> their fears over a price spike could be overblown. bruce gordon says a looming court fight and strategic pricing by store owners may erase the tax altogether or at least soften the blow. >> reporter: if you thought city council final passage of
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the kenney administration's sugary beverage tack was the end of the story, and the beginning come january 1st of sky rocketing prices for some of your favorite drinks, well not so fast. for starter starters opponents of the levee on inch ounce of soda say they will sue the city claiming the mayor had no right to target a specific industry. specific products. >> the city knows that when it wants to levee a new type of tack it needs to go to harrisburg to get approval. >> reporter: state legislatur legislature. >> exactly. get approval from the state legislature. >> reporter: in this case? >> in this case the mayor didn't. he said that he already had the authority and we disagree with that. >> reporter: mayor appearing friday morning with radio host john dubella insisted his administration is prepared for a court fight. >> our law department is confident they can defend this and issued pins that say that we can defend it, and we think we can defense it. we wouldn't have moved forward with it the way we did. >> reporter: that's assume fo fr
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sake of argument in lawsuit is filed and the city defends its new tax in court what the impact be for shoppers come january those folks who buy the sugary sodas and juices. will they be impacted by the full penny and a half an ounce. franco owns this grocery store in over broke. so does a huge part of his business. located close to the line he can't afford to chase customers away. so says daughter martha, they may raise the prices on their sugary drinks by just part of the tax hike. reduce their profit margin on that line of products. >> that will be a good idea probably about 10-cents for soda and bill 15, spread it around. >> reporter: other products. >> in other products. >> reporter: end result might be small increases on lots of products customers would pay slightly more for their overall grocery bill but would not get hit with a price spike on sodas and juices. bottom line, don't panic. this soda story isn't over just
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yet. in philadelphia, bruce gordon fox 29 news. it was supposed to be day to celebrate old glor but it turned into way much more than that. what 1pa lawmaker did that is stirring up controversy. happiest place on earth still struggling after the shocking death of a two-year-old boy this week. what the park is doing to try to prevent future tragedies. and police are looking for three who people who started a fire inside a wal*mart with fireworks. fire officials say this could have have been so much worse. ♪
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♪ prosecutors aren't saying how but they are saying montgomery
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county woman killed her 96-year-old neighbor and they have charged 34-year-old elizabeth floyd with third degree murder. in september of last year, east norriton police found her neighbor 96-year-old pain lying in his driveway. he was severely injured. he ended up in long-term care and died in february. the medical examiner has ruled his death a homicide. in delaware county, traffic moving again after two separate crashes happening at the same time on the commodore barry bridge. busy time on friday night in the summer. this was the scene on the bridge that connects new jersey to chester around 5:20 tonight. first accident involved three cars on the eastbound side. the second with one car on top of another in the westbound lanes. two people were injured. police say not seriously. both accidents under investigation. the driver accused of hitting two teens with a car then taking off is in jail tonight. 34-year-old brandon carter charged with aggravated assault while driving under the influence and related offenses. police say he slammed into two,
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16-year-old boys who were riding double on bike on north broad and wallace streets. the impact was so strong the bike flew 50 feet from the crash. one of the boys is in extremely critical condition. the other doctors releas releasm the hospital with minor injuri injuries. grand jury is decided not to file charges against two vineland police officers who arrested a man who died in custody. 32-year-old philip white died in march of 2015. police arrested white while responding to a disorderly person's call he ended up having trouble breathing became unresponsive in an ambulance. medical examiner says pcp contribute to do his death and ruled it accidental. you decide inn clues sit have the in this year's dmc. more than 100 children and adults with disabilities will work at the convention as greeters. unique partnership between the philadelphia host committee and the arc of philadelphia making this possibility. volunteers are local residents
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with intellectual and developmental dissable. they hope to highlight youth leadership within the disabled community. ed rendell is philadelphia's host committee chair. >> the great things about our country, we are diverse country and we want to reflect that diversity, and people who have special challenges are a segment of our population that can't and should not be ignored and there are many delegates who come from the community. people who are facing challeng challenges. >> the city expects about 12,000 people will volunteer at this year's convention right here in philadelphia. a flag day celebration in harrisburg sparked controversy after an elected official took issue with the couldn't federal flag flying inside the state capital. fox 29's bill anderson has more. that's why it was important for me to take a stand. to make sure that the next generation of children are not
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taught that hay dread is okay. >> reporter: a flag day celebration in harrisburg sparked controversy when philadelphia state representative vanessa lowry brown took issue with the hanover area historical society displaying what's widely referred to as the confederate flag in the state capitol. >> i was walking through the capitol and i came upon a display of flags. i noticed that one of them was the confederate flag. and i immediately said there's no way that flag can be presented in the pennsylvania state capitol. and i took it down. >> reporter: the flag was part of a 50 flag display that according to the historical society's website was supposed to tell the history of how america was shaped through flags of historical importance. representative brown told me that's fine, but said the display lacks proper context. >> the flag represents hatred, murder and oppression.
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it's wrong. >> reporter: the removal of the flag drew immediate backla backlash. the police were called on representative brown and the flag was momentarily returned to its place in the display. although unavailable for comment, the historical society's written statement defends the flag display saying "history is a compilation of good and bad events. it is important to tell the whole story and not gloss over negative historical events. this is 100th anniversary of flag day and we do not intend to call offense to anyone by presenting this historical display. shortly after the flag was returned, it was again taken down. this time by order of governor tom wolf. >> the governor immediately the the flag be remove from the capitol. >> reporter: the debate continues on social media. is displaying the con fed rat flag displaying a piece of history or demonstration of hatred. we want to know what you think. leave your comments on our fox 29 facebook page or tweet us at fox 29 philly. in the newsroom, i'm bill
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anderson, fox 29 news. a group of teens battling cancer had a chance to forget their chemo and sick notice night. tonight was prom night. prom to remember hosted tonight' events at the ritz carlton in center city. kids 12 to 19 years old looks like so much fun got the star treatment complete with a red carpet on they are way inside. the prom is an annual event at no cost to the kids or the families. >> prom at the ritz. >> right. nice. a lot of people having some harsh words for pope francis after his comments on marriage this week. what the pontiff said that's drawing criticism. >> when police pull you over it's typically because you've done something wrong. how cops in one pennsylvania town are rewarding good behavi behavior.
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>> now your winning lottery numbers. ♪ alligator warning signs and fencing now going up at walt disneyworld resorts. this in response to this week's tragic death of a nebraska toddler by an alligator. disney will put up warning signs on all of its resort beaches in florida. the beaches will remain closed until those signs are install. the company says it's also introducing thorough review of its safety protocols. two-year-old lane graves was snatched from the shallow waters
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of a disney hotel on tuesday by a gator. his body recovered a day later. this has been a day to remember the lives lost in a mass shooting historic african-american church in charleston south carolina one year ago. ♪ community wide memorial service remember the victims in asports arena a few blocks from emmanuel ame church nine black parishioners died during bible study and during the service to honor the victims south carolina governor nicky haley said people should be much more accepting like the folks were at the bible study right before a shooter killed them. >> someone came in that didn't look like them, didn't act like them and didn't sound like them. i've always been amazed by this because they didn't call security, they didn't throw him out, they did exactly what
10:25 pm
everyone of us should do when someone different comes up to us. they pulled up a chair and they prayed with him. >> they welcomed him. dylan charges for the massacre after photos of roof posing along the couldn't federal flag surfaced south carolina voted to have the flag removed from the grounds of the state house. the body of one first responder on september 11th was never recovered. but today, today there was a funeral for the american hero 15 years in the making. the remains of batallion chief larry stack were never found after the 9/11 attacks. years later, blood the chief had donated was found in minnesota and turned over to his family. that blood is stack's only remains. so today service honoring the fallen hero stack was a firefighter for 33 years. >> how powerful. police are looking for three
10:26 pm
people who started a fire inside wal*mart with fireworks. why authorities say this could have been a lot worse. and dangerous fires burning out west. why there isn't much relief in site for more than 12,000 firefighters. scott. >> chris, the high temperature in philadelphia today, 84 degrees. coming up, back to the 90s. tracking building heat and humidity. details with the seven day forecast next.
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♪ right now at 10:30 hope you have plans outdoors this weekend chris o'connell. >> i do. >> it will be beautiful. >> go down the shore. >> there you go. this is live look at wilmington right now. temperatures they're still in the upper 60s. it's so nice out. we'll check back with chief meteorologist scott williams in just a wee bit. all right. dangerous situation in the
10:30 pm
western part of the country wildfires now burning in new mexico, arizona and california. and parts of the region expected to get hit with a major heat wave. >> they've been dealing with drought big time. fox's jonathan hunt is in los angeles with all of that. >> reporter: the wildfire burning near santa barbara california growing. known as the sherpa fie fire it scorched more than six square miles season barely contained. winds particularly in the evenings are fanning the flames which are being fought by more than 1200 firefighters. >> although this fire is more than doubled in size in the last 24 hours, there's been only minor structural loss and no civilian or firefighter injuries. >> reporter: another wildfire in central new mexico has burned more than two dozen square miles. the so-called dog haired fire destroying homes and other structures as it spread. >> it burn the whole community all the people around us and asking the lord to help. >> reporter: similar
10:31 pm
conditions in arizona where hundreds of firefighters are working to contain the fire. >> i want to also ask all arizona yanns to be vigilant this summer during fire season. we're in a very dangerous situation. >> reporter: crews out here won't be getting much help from the weather. a heat wave is forecast for parts of arizona and california and the potentially record setting temperatures could reach dangerous levels. >> the longer picture here at least for bout next 10 days shows that these incredibly high temperatures are going to settle in across the desert southwest and southern california. so it's a bad situation on tap for them. >> reporter: investigators are looking into the cause of all three of these fires. in los angeles, jonathan hunt, fox news. fox 29 weather authority now. while they're dealing with sweltering heat out west oppressive humidity in the midwest we are sitting rather pretty here in philadelphia where it's i'm thinking t shirts and shorts weather even though o'connell has his suit on.
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>> sure feels like it. >> a live look at old city. more of the same on this father's day weekend chief meteorologist scott williams. >> lucy, it is gob perfect 10 not only tomorrow, but sunday for father's day as well. and this is the culprit. a big blue area of high pressure that bubble of no trouble so that will keep the storms -- bubble of no trouble. you like that, right? >> yes. >> all of storms well to the south along with thunderstorms off to the west. so we'll have zincing air that will give us a lot of sunshine and also warm afternoons. for tomorrow, the high right around 84 degrees. that's about average for this time of year. even warmer as we move toward father's day. if you have backyard barbeques maybe outdoor plans some golf, fishing with dad, looking pretty good both days this weekend. 67 degrees right now. the high temperature made it up to 84 today. look at the dew points. dew points right now are in the upper 40s. so any time we have those dew points below 60 it starts to feel really comfortable.
10:33 pm
so for tonight mostly clear, dry, open up the windows let fresh air in. winds will be out of the east about 5 miles an hour. mid 50s in the burbs right around 60 degrees in center ci city. so for tomorrow, kind of similar to today, calling it mostly sunny, a super saturday. 84 degrees. let's talk a little bit about the forecast down the shore looking good for that as well but don't forget the sunscreen. uv index will be high. low 70s saturday, a nice breeze. mid 70s on father's day and look at those water temperatures. not that bad. still a little chilly, though, climbing into the low to mid 60s. if you're not headed down the shore, what about the pocono mountains? a pair of sevens for tomorrow. dry, a lot of sunshine. then 80 degrees as we move toward father's day itself. that weather authority seven day forecast showing you beautiful weather. a 10 on saturday along with sunday and then as we move toward the first day of summer, summer begins on monday at 6:00
10:34 pm
34 in the evening. it's going feel like it. 91 degrees. so some of that heat out west will head in our direction for a couple of days. tuesday 90-degree temperatures for the high afternoon and evening thunderstorms with a front that will drop temperatures back into the mid 80s for wednesday. low 80s thursday and friday with low humidity and comfortable temperatures. hey, we've got to talk about the us open nasty weather yesterday beautiful weather though today and also look at that, saturday, sunday, sunshine, temperatures topping out in the low to mid 80s. so great weather for that and also a little golf and great really great father's day weekend. >> happy father's day to you. >> thank you. >> you know where i'll. >> outside hopefully. >> right in the middle of the bubble of no trouble. (laughter). >> i'll be there with you. >> thank you. >> i love the bubble of no trouble. that should be like a t-shirt or bumper sticker. >> official meteorologicall mety term. >> third year you learn that one. >> a lot of people they've got
10:35 pm
harsh words for pope francis after his comments on marriage this weekend. what the pontiff said that is drawing criticism. at a time when we're losing so many world war ii veterans it was a big celebration for one. how his community marked his milestone.
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♪ take a good look at that is video from inside an arizona wal*mart. police are looking for three knuckle heads who set off fireworks inside the store. to make it worse, it was right next to a display of charcoal and lighter fluid and propane. fire crews were able to put out the flames before they spread. no one was hurt. the store was evacuated and will be closed for awhile because the damage. >> how dangerous. n your money tonight, wawa first ever store is now closed. but no worries. wawa just opened a brand new one right down the street this wawa along mcdade boulevard opened on april 16th of 1964. well, 52 years later the original store number one closed but its successor moved right down the street to the corner of mcdade boulevard and route 420. the new one also sells gas. today's grand opening celebrations came complete with parade and a hoagie building contest. in the wake of recent
10:39 pm
tragedy in orlando, gun sales nationwide are sky rocketing. the nation' largest gun manufacturer smith and wesson reports a 22% spike in quarterly sales resulting in profits of 2200 millions. many weapons are bought after mass shootings fearing tighter gun control laws could be on the way. oklahoma authorities have released video of a police pursuit that ended in a fiery crash. the chaos unfolded in early may in oklahoma city. the driver of the pickup truck didn't pull over for a traffic stop leading state troopers on chase for more than 90 minutes. one of the troopers lost control of his cruiser and crashed. he's not injured. the chase eventually ended after the pickup caught on fire and they promptly arrested the driver who is now champed. a judge has dismissed a juror in the corruption trial of congressman chaka fattah alternate juror has been seated.
10:40 pm
u.s. district judge harvey bartle the third told jurors to start their deliberations all over again. the jury has been deliberating since wednesday. no reason given for the dismissal. the 59-year-old fattah is accused of money laundering and racketeering. when the police pull you over, it is typically because you've done something wrong. how police in one pennsylvania town are rewarding good behavi behavior. many women dream of the perfect wedding dress but these gowns come with a -- why these brides will not need tissues when they're crying tears of joy.
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♪ ridiculous and irresponsible those are just some of the words being lobbed at pope francis. >> it's after he said the majority of catholic marriages today are invalid because they don't realize lifetime commit many. fox's lauren green reports on the fall out from the pope' remarks. >> reporter: pope francis stirring up controversy over his unscripted remarks. this time on marriage. q and a session thursday with group of catholic clergy francis
10:44 pm
responded to comment about a crisis of marriage in the church. he answered "we are living in a provisional culture and because of this, great majority of our sacramental marriages are null because they the couple say yes for the rest might have live but they don't know what they are saying because they have a different culture" his words unleashed a torrent every criticism from conservative catholics. new york times column gist ross blasted in a tweet an extraordinary irresponsible and ridiculous claim. father gerald murray in new york city wrote, this offhand remark will produce uncertainty among many people editor of first things magazine call the pope's words the wrong message at the wrong time. >> by saying the vast majority of marriages are null pope francis gave catholics who are struggling in their marriages of message of despair. >> this comes after two months after his letter on the family
10:45 pm
called in english the joy of love. in it he affirms church teachings on marriage and children while acknowledging non traditional family situations. and took some heat for among other things the church to be more welcoming those who are divorced or living together outside of marriage and for stream lining the annulment process. adding to the controversial reports that the vatican alter the the transcript of the exchange but placing the words great majority with some. to apparently soften the pope's meaning. the vatican has not respond to do those claims. lauren green, fox news. >> bike riders are hoping they get a citation from the police department that is because officers are ticketing them for being good. police in white haven pennsylvania northeast pa are now handing out ice cream citations for obeying traffic laws and being safe. these riders say they're loving the ticket which is translate into free ice cream and who doesn't love that? they're also hoping to become repeat offend
10:46 pm
offenders so to speak. >> we give them to every kid we see riding their bicycle with a hell m if they're being safe doing the rye thing we cite them. >> a lot of people try to get out and wear their helmets so they get a ticket. (laughter). >> it not only help children stay safe but creates a positive relationship between the police and the community they serve. >> take a look at these beautiful wedding dresses. what makes them so unique. >> what do you think. >> they're off white. i don't know. keep going. keep going. >> they're made of toilet paper. all part of the 12th annual toilet paper wedding dress contest in new york city. didn't even know there was such a thing. >> my goodness. >> winning dress was designed by a brooklyn resident who was inspired by her first snowstorm experience. >> inspired by a snowstorm. i was like what happens if you have a winter wedding. what would you wear? i felt a
10:47 pm
snow queen type. >> contestants were only allowed to use toilet paper, glue, tape and a needle and threat. the winning dress will be on display at one of the ripley's believe or not global locations. >> i love that. you can't rain though during the ceremony. >> no. >> in case you need to sneeze. >> world war ii veteran alan richter arrived for a special birthday surprise. his very own private air show. how cool is that. >> a stunt pilot dazzled him with acrobatics. aerobatic. perfect gift for this thrill enthusiast. >> i thought maybe parachute jump or something like that. >> he just talk about airplanes all the time. he loves to fly. >> richter's wife said he was a pilot and began flying at an early age. richter' is known for his work in radio. you know what, he once worked
10:48 pm
right alongside ronald reagan. so this sunday mark the day to show your old man just how much you care. >> so what should dads be expecting this year. i want nap. >> that's what you want, a nap. >> that's all i want. >> lauren simonetti breaks down the business of father's day. >> reporter: father's day is barely a blip on the radar in terms of spending holidays it doesn't seem to stop the average american from spending about $125 on dear old dad. that's roughly $14.3 billion overall. >> we are going to be spending a record amount of money on fathers day in part because the economy is improving, job growth has picked in particularly for the younger groups the younger households are feeling wealth they are when you feel wealth they are you spend more. >> what are people buying? most people will choose a power tool, clothes or gift card. but the national retail federation says two in five millennials will be choosing a gift of experience. >> millennials are very much about spending time with family want to do things together to
10:49 pm
rhee remember those moments. and it just makes sense. >> reporter: experts say dad can be notoriously tough to buy for. >> dads are buying what they want any way. if they want new tie, they'll by it. if they want a new car accessory they'll bite the. >> not to choose your gift out of social obligation try and get something dad will he will really enjoy isn't it's a an opportunity for us to create a conversation between the gift giver and recipient. if you want to have a really interesting kind of what we call bride worthy gift experience something that's memorable but he's never going to forget. >> life or 10 years give your dad a tie or a tech gadget or smatter such we're seeing evolvement i think toward more thoughtful gift. more considerate gift hence the experience. >> reporter: even though sunday celebrates dad he manages to straw a short straw. it pails in comparison to what we spend on mom by $7 billion n new york, lauren simonetti fox
10:50 pm
business. strong rip currents and heavy surf pounding the southern california coast not a bad thing for surfers in newport beach taking advantage of this 10 to 12-foot waves hitting the shores with video captur capturing brue outs. forecasters say the potentially dangerous ocean conditions will subside a little bit through the weekend. >> you guys surf either of you. >> yes. no i can't swim. >> that wouldn't be good for me. >> that would preclude you from surfing. >> exactly. >> not too much any more. >> not too many ways on the jersey coast. >> head west for a little bit. sean, what do you got. >> got little u.s. open. thing got crazy yesterday because of all that rain and some guys played 36 holes and some guys only played one. i get you caught up all the craziness at okay man the phillies are just being depressing now days. diamondbacks came into town and did what every other team has been doing lately. that's coming up next in sports.
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♪ the phillies have lost three in a row, seven out of the their last eight, yeah, things are getting real bad right now last night they had to have a team meeting to get guys back on track but this team just doesn't have enough talent to do any of that. in the first inning, looked like the meeting actually helped. look at this. cameron rupp with a huge shot to
10:54 pm
right field. almost homers. bounces off the top and comes back into play. that's a triple. the phils being the phils they can't hold on. hernandez right through the le legs. couldn't do anything with it. a run comes in and that just opens the flood gate. look at this one. huge shot by peter o'brien in the fifth. that made it six-two and it was over from there. the phils never really had a shot. they lose big once again, 10 10-two. to the us open things are really just a mess right now. aft all that rain yesterday, some guys just finished their holes today finish their rounds today and then other guys had to play all 36 holes of golf. things crazy out there on oakmont. let me catch you up on some of the guys. andrew landry basically had just to do this arc putt and then he went inform he didn't play for the rest of the day. he tied for the lead at four under. then you have this guy right here justin johnson with a
10:55 pm
beautiful shot. he basically had to play all 36 holes. that comes in close. he finished the day at four under tied for the lead and then fill mix son didn't like playing arthritic at all. look at that miss. he finish the day four over par. let's take look at the leader board. here it is right here. tricky. andrew landry four under. dustin johnson four under but landry hasn't played his second round like dustin john has. allow wee and westwood has to play their second rounds. the nba finals warriors up three-one everyone thought it was over. no. lebron james had two herculean efforts in the past two games to bring it to seven games and the frustration is really starting to get to steph curry. he's always calm, cool, collected but right here he gets his six foul and goes nuts throws his mouth piece in the
10:56 pm
crowd. he's angry and gets thrown out by the ref. that is a $25,000 fine. game seven is tomorrow and the warriors looking real, real shaky right now. listen, they're 98-eight. >> right. >> in their last 106 home games. that's a winning percentage of nine to five. >> yeah. yeah. >> beating them twice there that will be a problem. >> they're at oracle an lot of bad calls last night. >> only both sends. 98-eight. i'm going with the chef. >> i think the warriors will win. i'm feeling shaky. >> final look at weather for the weekend. >> beautiful father's day weekend. a lot of sunshine. 84 degrees tomorrow. 87 by sunday and then we say hello to the 90's. 91 degrees by monday. tuesday still hot and humid. afternoon, evening storms look at wednesday, less humidity, cooler temperatures. low 80s by thursday and friday.
10:57 pm
so once again high temperature in philadelphia tomorrow 84. calling it a super saturday. enjoy. >> all right. >> great father's day weekend. thanks scott. >> full hour of entertainment news is tmz, dish nation, chasing news and the simpsons. >> back here at 7:00 a.m. for "good day philadelphia". did you get your tickets because the mega millions lottery drawing is now.
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